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When should you contact a Speech Pathologist?
Early intervention is essential. Feel free to contact Catherine if you have any concerns about your child's ability to understand or use speech and language. In particular, if your child:

• has been diagnosed with a developmental delay or an
Autism Spectrum Disorder
• has had a head injury
• has a history of recurrent ear infections
• has stuttering or dysfluent speech
• has difficulties with his/her voice
• is a late talker
• has unusual speech or has difficulty saying particular
• uses a limited vocabulary
• uses many non-specific words (e.g. "thing", "stuff") a lot
• has difficulty finding the right word
• has difficulty following instructions
• uses short sentences
• uses incorrect grammar
• has difficulty with pre-reading skills (e.g. letters, sounds,
• has difficulty reading and/or understanding written material
• has difficulty spelling
• has poor social skills
• is becoming increasingly frustrated with any aspect of
his/her communication


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